About Older Ones Cablecast

Elder Care Choices

"Older Ones: Choices on Aging" draws from several years of this producer's experience as a caregiver and choosing a nursing home. Cablecast in the West Allis and Milwaukee area, the program went on to receive the Wisconsin PEG Access Channels 2004 award of "excellence" and was played on Milwaukee area cable television for several years. The program video clips remain available online through this site as a memorial to my Mom.  In the dozen or so years since this production aired on both West Allis and Milwaukee cable television some things have changed.  The online videos are now on Youtube versus their original RealPlayer format and the site is now up on WordPress versus the original basic HTML format. The message however remains the same.

Aging and elder care. There are an ever growing number of faceless yellow page listings and impersonal websites with mazes of hyperlinks to governmental bodies, organizations, nursing homes, and suppliers from all over the world. While the message conveyed in this cablecast production may be universal, the intended audience was local. Face to face, these neighbors supplied some of their own experiences and advice on personal choices on aging that may someday become your own to make for yourself or a loved one.

My grateful thanks goes out to all who helped make this production possible.